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32 niouzes – 27/05/2023


ID: 09e17fec8c98bda25e4ea18b29c05d13ed07cb0040249ebcac2fb7fc1e5248bb

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 16:46:09

Titre: OpenAI's Sam Altman makes U-turn, says 'no plans of leaving Europe'

The European Union is on its track to make the first set of rules globally to govern artificial intelligence.



ID: 0b52c81fbce6be7917280364a094d8368cd8c62ec9f8394820c5b64b0f90fe69

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 11:58:45

Titre: G7 officials to convene and address challenges of ChatGPT like generative AI Tools. All details

G7 nations will convene to address challenges posed by generative AI tools like ChatGPT. The newly established ‘Hiroshima AI process’ aims to foster discussions and deliberations on the rapid expansion of AI. In their inaugural meeting on May 30, G7 officials will focus on AI-related concerns.



ID: 1b33eab01fc8989cf827e764c9e624293a83f1642fc56f108e09f650c0cf08bf

Date de publication: 23-05-2023 12:48:37

Titre: Press release - MEPs vote to speed up the freezing and confiscation of criminal assets

The new legislation on seizing criminal assets would ensure fast and efficient freezing operations everywhere in the EU, and quicker compensation for victims.Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Source : © European Union, 2023 - EP



ID: 2707a604951c7fcde0f6be01f49b53f4adf2548524c15ae0bf3c76b6618138ce

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 14:47:45

Titre: OpenAI's ChatGPT IOS app is now available in 32 countries including India

Open AI's ChatGPT IOS app has expanded its availability to 32 countries including India and European nations after only a week of its initial launch in the United States.



ID: 2e4979ecbb123b32a16b9ff06c7168db1c201a8189fae614134598f522f099b7

Date de publication: 24-05-2023 10:37:43

Titre: Humans shed genetic information everywhere they go

There is enough of it to easily identify individuals



ID: 2f69fdb3b6edb4a160f2a73be6bfceba9923575035fa9148ca8767730d2314df

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 19:57:01

Titre: NatWest bank now demanding that customers explain why they’re withdrawing their own cash

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) An alleged customer of NatWest bank captured a photo of a sign plastered across the doorway entry to one of the bank's branches notifying customers that in order to withdraw their own cash, they must tell NatWest why they need it.Based out of London, with a few locations in Southern California as well, NatWest allegedly … [Read More...]



ID: 3977ecd70eb54ef04ab68174e8482ba7d10efb6c2f04acd8538af90bd9736cc6

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 11:02:51

Titre: Travel’s ChatGPT adventure raises hopes and questions - PhocusWire

Travel’s ChatGPT adventure raises hopes and questions  PhocusWire



ID: 4bbfa8e382286a9f52247204373afa74c13233bd6df4109c971cb031c1a3aa4c

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 22:15:00

Titre: ChatGPT-maker OpenAI says has no plans to leave Europe -

ChatGPT-maker OpenAI says has no plans to leave Europe



ID: 592ff1dee7a5740336cbc24b4057f62594fbe4e559b3d9f356308345f907ecb3

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 00:26:11

Titre: NASA completes globetrotting SuperBIT balloon flight

The balloon completed a record five full circuits about the Southern Hemisphere’s mid-latitudes, maintaining a float altitude around 108,000 feet during its nearly 40-day journey.



ID: 5c333e6e4f95801d7bbbea5312b1388d4923b13303010f2617dedea93ccc57ff

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 23:45:06

Titre: Serbian border troops on high alert after ethnic clashes inside Kosovo

Serbian troops on the border with Kosovo were put on high alert Friday following clashes between ethnic Serbs and Kosovo police that left more than a dozen injured…



ID: 5fd433d75b473702af71b57467c3dac5a1e58c326635f844fa8b14428457415b

Date de publication: 27-05-2023 05:03:08

Titre: Russia says its border regions attacked; Moscow's forces hit clinic in central Ukrainian city

Russia’s southern Belgorod region bordering Ukraine came under attack Friday from Ukrainian artillery fire, mortar shells and drones, authorities said, hours after two drones struck a Russian city…



ID: 6c878414c3dd09d998b29ca6ea750a12d93ad51281f5b8913d49f2ea8bf84792

Date de publication: 30-05-2023 16:52:00

Titre: Le Roi Philippe a rencontré Olivier Vandecasteele au château de Laeken - RTL info

Le Roi Philippe a rencontré Olivier Vandecasteele au château de Laeken  RTL infoIl a photographié Olivier Vandecasteele dans l'avion le jour de sa libération - RTBF Info  RTBF InfoVlad, photographe, était dans l'avion qui a ramené Olivier Vandecasteele en Belgique: "On m'a juste dit : tu as une mission"  RTL infoLibération d'Olivier Vandecasteele: la vérité est dans le non-dit  lavenir.netLibération d'Olivier Vandecasteele : de larges zones d’ombre persistent après le retour de l'humanitaire belge...  DH Les Sports +Voir la couverture complète sur Google Actualités



ID: 6c9897c870a031a90f17ce5b79d4af068730239505871da2dfcb53933e1d908e

Date de publication: 27-05-2023 04:51:57

Titre: Delhi Airport flight operations disrupted by inclement weather. View complete list here

On Friday, the maximum temperature in Delhi settled at 34.5 degrees Celsius, five notches below normal.



ID: 7217bdf671028a8519a8e13a9d297f93ee45b82581343ab060f69e942933244d

Date de publication: 27-05-2023 06:28:51

Titre: ‘Modi should return as PM in 2024’: Head Priest who'll present Sengol during Parliament inauguration

The Prime Minister took a decision to adopt the Sengol as a national symbol of the Amrit Kaal. The new building of Parliament will witness the very same event, with Adheenam (Priests) repeating the ceremony and vesting the PM with the Sengol.



ID: 8a42887830671fa1a6793fbf72555e15f689d46cc559a5452abc0ffc69f612b9

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 14:31:46

Titre: Unveiling the Mysteries of AI Neurons: How OpenAI’s GPT-4 Automatically Writes and Scores Explanations for GPT-2 Neuron Behavior - MarkTechPost

Unveiling the Mysteries of AI Neurons: How OpenAI’s GPT-4 Automatically Writes and Scores Explanations for GPT-2 Neuron Behavior  MarkTechPost



ID: 8f277dedc7bf924d39ef9bfbfda5afcbf27b485e3a519c5f0760603fc8df5cd1

Date de publication: 27-05-2023 06:17:36

Titre: Artificial brains are helping scientists study the real thing

No model is perfect. But that doesn’t stop them being useful



ID: a3431e9e0c16d2890575d3db89674f702683b2a469829d65017b37b2a07d8f07

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 04:14:11

Titre: How this author used ChatGPT and MidJourney to write nearly 1000 books in 9 months | Mint - Mint

How this author used ChatGPT and MidJourney to write nearly 1000 books in 9 months | Mint  Mint



ID: acad1a6e019fb26b156f3f467234c9781211dec6f65a15d07fdcd0fc553ccb63

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 23:04:49

Titre: JP Morgan Files Patent for ChatGPT Finance Clone, IndexGPT - Decrypt

JP Morgan Files Patent for ChatGPT Finance Clone, IndexGPT  Decrypt



ID: af04509c912dc0b333941bd770143e2806b0c04f8b18f3d934975da03e8d1b16

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 19:47:04

Titre: FBI says it doesn’t care what anyone thinks: it will do whatever it wants, regardless of the law (or the truth)

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The crimes of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with regard to the Russian collusion conspiracy theory against President Donald Trump have been laid bare for the world to see. And the FBI's response to being outed is one of we don't care; we will do whatever we want and there is nothing anybody else can do about … [Read More...]



ID: b06d86cffd91b53db0af1934a99f2097f409b86619a82316c3f3797500411c67

Date de publication: 25-05-2023 18:43:27

Titre: ‘Disease X’ can cause a more fatal pandemic? What WHO says

The potentially sinister appellation of an unknown pathogen ‘Disease X’ may bring about a even deadlier pandemic, as experts ring alarm bells in caution



ID: b36de29ef367e56cc3f60329fda841741543e1612cb3eab928523d5c1cab9898

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 07:43:18

Titre: OpenAI's ChatGPT app hits 500K downloads in just 6 days since launch

OpenAI's ChatGPT has surpassed 500,000 downloads on iOS, making it one of the most popular apps on Apple's App Store in 2023 and 2022 in the US



ID: b4ed152a7d07c490237d549eef967fd9488567c0d18f30b9a6f3620c410cdcf5

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 11:29:37

Titre: Canada to probe ChatGPT-maker OpenAI's data collection and usage, cites privacy concerns | Mint - Mint

Canada to probe ChatGPT-maker OpenAI's data collection and usage, cites privacy concerns | Mint  Mint



ID: c7769df6becb266df4bac1d76df8c2b634232137b5953feb0e3cbf2508286dfa

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 23:46:55

Titre: New York City mayor signs ban on weight and height discrimination

New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed legislation Friday that will ban discrimination based on body size by adding weight and height to the list of protected categories…



ID: c7db184ba06c06020f20735f13a3115bb114dbb135c5d7c8e5d0daf0d10f9236

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 23:45:57

Titre: Sudan army calls on ex-soldiers to re-enlist; sporadic fighting persists

Sudan's army called on Friday for reservists and retired soldiers to re-enlist amid a deadly conflict with a rival paramilitary and asked the United Nations to change its…



ID: c7fc96bba1702e40428911c6c6aab75c734d294e849a6d9b4cc2f2f61a211229

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 15:46:22

Titre: Alien signal beamed to Earth from Mars for first time: Report

On Wednesday, the ESA's ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) flashed an encoded message to Earth from its orbit around Mars at 9 pm, stimulating a situation when a real signal from another civilisation is received by us.



ID: cbfe38d16d8583f5669abe436ec1cb0bff7455c64dd8769f9d8f8a76a45a5368

Date de publication: 27-05-2023 05:03:16

Titre: Democrats and Republicans inch closer to debt deal

Democrats and Republicans inched towards a deal Friday, ahead of a long weekend, to extend the U.S. debt ceiling and avoid a crippling default that could hit the…



ID: d253adef0b0a200e5616cb67cb61c64f1c684e8235ced8d0da66b000ccaeb4ea

Date de publication: 27-05-2023 03:55:41

Titre: IMF urges crisis-hit Sri Lanka to decide on debt restructuring

China's influence in Sri Lanka has become so dominant that even though China is buying additional time to restructure its debt, a crucial step for securing the long-awaited IMF bailout.



ID: da84106323ebcf42b97fd98faa8bac7ab17d3c60583e27a98931ba78b4c77f71

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 11:29:37

Titre: Canada to probe ChatGPT-maker OpenAI's data collection and usage, cites privacy concerns

The agencies will investigate if OpenAI have obtained consent for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information of residents via ChatGPT, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada said.



ID: dac29464c8951d023e3e5f45eed2f69536adc90f5739e0a6f31307e80a7dd840

Date de publication: 27-05-2023 06:00:50

Titre: Open source LLMs could make artificial intelligence more ... - Tech Monitor

Open source LLMs could make artificial intelligence more ...  Tech Monitor



ID: e955183035f5c36cb330346185377854de2d4aab074eb430a13bbdb0b2a73077

Date de publication: 27-05-2023 05:15:13

Titre: ‘US debt ceiling deal very close’: President Joe Biden

It seemed that Joe Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy are narrowing a two-year budget-slashing deal that would also extend the debt limit into 2025 past the next presidential election.



ID: ee788b258f9cb73ba46991f593acf1a0d4e3d53b2dce22c1b0f5e85a12444afd

Date de publication: 26-05-2023 23:00:00

Titre: OpenAI chief seeks to calm fears on job losses - Japan Today

OpenAI chief seeks to calm fears on job losses  Japan Today



ID: f21adf389c896c75ea21a833416e12b6268f660418872394df8c30591a005a02

Date de publication: 27-05-2023 05:34:19

Titre: BCCI calls special general meeting today: Asia Cup 2023, infrastructure development on agenda

BCCI Special General Meeting will held today in Ahmedabad to decide on many major issues including Asia Cup venue, preparations for the ODI World Cup, WPL timing etc.


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